Night shift nurses vs. day shift nurses

Tweet Why does there have to be conflict between day and night shifts? Nursing is not a competition. Shift change should not be a battle of wills. The night shift nurses tend to want to find everything day shift has done wrong during the day and point it out in shift change. Now why are […]


Nurse slimed with vomit. Again.

Tweet I was talking to my friend @nursewendy yesterday when she told me she had just recently been slimed by an NG tube. That’s nursey talk for a tube that is placed down someone’s nose into their stomach. (NG is short for naso-gastric, get it?) Of course I laughed at her hysterically as this is […]


Keep that Nurse License. Nursing CEUs

Tweet If you are considering becoming a nurse here is a little insight into what it takes to maintain your licensure. All nurses must attain a minimum number of CEU hours before renewal of their license. CEU stands for continuing education unit. The state in which one attains their license dictates the requirement for renewal. […]

  • August 25th, 2009
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More Nurses = Safer Patient Outcomes

Tweet Have you ever overheard nurses talking about understaffing and patient ratios? Hospitals are constantly trying to save a dollar by cutting the number of RN’s and other licensed staff to the bare minimum. This is an extremely risky endeavor. The more patients a nurse is responsible for the higher the likelihood of a sentinel […]


How to be a triple A office nurse. The 3 A’s of success.

Tweet A while back I wrote about the basics of being a good office nurse.  Today here are the 3 A’s of success. Be agreeable, maybe even a bit deferential; what else? Anticipate, anticipate, anticipate. What do I mean? An okay nurse will pull all the charts for the next day’s clinic, a good nurse […]