Nurse or pencil pusher?

Tweet So when did nursing get to be a job where 90% of what you do everyday consists of filling out 20 different forms documenting the care you are supposed to provide? Of course that is if you have time after all that writing. Why is it that nursing is not nursing anymore? Why can’t […]


Pissed off nurse.

Tweet Ok, you are catching me in a bad mood today! All of this healthcare reform talk has got my feathers puffed up like a crazy rooster about to attack (except for the fact that roosters are male and I’m not but, you get the point). All I keep hearing over and over is how […]


What makes you happy?

Tweet My husband brought up an interesting point…(I know, what a crazy way to start this post!) Anyway, he was asking what will make us happy? When will we finally be happy? Well, I thought we were kind of happy already….but I got his meaning. We are both so busy trying to get to the […]

  • March 16th, 2010
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Nurses intuition.

Tweet This post is more of a question to you, the readers, than it is a definitive statement.  My question is this: what is a nurse to do when there’s a conflict between her clinical suspicion and a doctor’s orders? I vividly remember an incident that occurred on a surgical floor when I first started […]


Why we all need a financial planner.

Tweet I am the first person to admit that while I can cut into your chest and crossclamp your aorta within about 2 minutes, I cannot balance a checkbook.  I make a mean souffle, but my eyes cross whenever I try to enter even a month’s worth of expenditures into Quicken.  Since I plan on […]