7 Reasons to Keep a Guy Around


7. Hard to open things- Guys can be invaluable in these situations…and who else could you get to open that jar of pickles at midnight if he wasn’t there?

6. Taking the trash out- I really hate to do this. Isn’t it so much nicer when there is someone else there who will do it for you? Kids are just unreliable in this situation…I know.

5. Cooking- Now I know not all guys cook, but if you don’t feed them for a couple of days (with some it may take a week) they will learn to make something…hey what’s wrong with spaghetti every night?

4. Sex- Now I am not putting this at number one because I don’t want people to think I am weird….but this is a very good reason….

3. Free back rubs- Not all guys are up for these, but if you promise to do theirs after they do you, it is possible to trick them into it…and remind them how much those very expensive massages cost at the spa…does he really want you to waste hard earned money on those when he is sooo good at it already?

2. Kids- Guys are kind of necessary here, well in most cases. I know there are women who find ways around this…but believe me there had to be a guy involved somewhere in the process. Even if you already have kids by some sorry loser ex-husband (I know about these), a good guy that will treat your kids like they were his and take them to football/cheerleading practice and even remember to go back and pick them up…well those are hard to find!

1. Love- Ok, now this is truly the best reason….(not to knock number 4 in ANY way) When you are in love it is just so great to have that one you love with you all the time…..to stare deeply into each other’s eyes, saying silly romantic crap that only the two of you would understand…..(please say someone else does this too…..)

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  1. I would like to add reason#8, killing bugs…..I hate killing bugs they scare me!!!

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