Are you an apathetic nurse?

For a recent assignment in my advanced research class, we were to speak to nurses that we work with to see what, if any, nursing journals our coworkers read. Well, I was quite honestly shocked at the results, not only of what I found, but everyone else’s results too. What was discovered was that a great percentage, mostly all our coworkers scattered throughout different facilities in Arkansas, read very very little in the way of nursing journals. They are just not interested.

Now, as I was finding myself somewhat disturbed by these findings, I had to admit to myself that I don’t read nursing journals either….So what does this say about us? Do we not want to know more about what new and exciting things are going on in the nursing community? I guess not. I tried to come up with reasons to explain our supposed lack of interest. Some of the lack of motivation comes from the cost of journals, the time factor, maybe the difficulty in understanding some of the articles (especially research ones, but that is a whole other topic), and one nurse even told me that after she works all day, the last thing she wants to do is READ about nursing. But these are all excuses…and poor ones at that. Not all journals are expensive. I looked on and found several that were very affordable such as the American Journal of Nursing (AJN) which was only $2.99 an issue for a one year subscription of 12 issues….come on…you spend more than that on those frou frou coffee drinks….
There are so many nursing journals, one or more for every specialty. They are full of the latest research and evidence based practice studies. This kind of information is invaluable in nursing. We are always trying to perfect the way in which we care for the patient to improve outcomes. Now, what I ask you is…Why is it YOU are not reading nursing journals? Think about what could happen if all nurses read just one article a month….what might happen in the workplace? To patient care? To your way of nursing?

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