7 reasons I loved being an operating room nurse


1)  I could go to work in my pajamas because the hospital provides the scrubs, so I got to change when I got there. I could take a cute outfit to put on after work for any about town errands or about town bar hopping afterwards.


2)  I did not have to fix my hair because I would be wearing a surgical hat. A ponytail knot and I was out the door. There was an ample supply of hair essentials in my locker such as: hair dryer, curling iron, hairspray etc.


3)  I did not have to put on make up, my patients only saw my eyeballs. I would usually put on mascara but there was no reason to put on my full face only to be in a mask all day. Now, if I woke up a little earlier I would put my face on as not to scare my co-workers but, as far as my patients went, they didn’t see my face.


4)  I didn’t have to buy scrubs. The hospital requires that surgical scrubs be processed in a certain way, therefore they provided them and we put on a new pair each morning. If we had a patient that had any type of infection, the scrubs were changed in-between cases. Tell me that does not save some major cash!


5)  A guarantee in the operating room is a fast paced atmosphere and almost always an adrenaline rush. Even if the surgical case was an elective, scheduled case, trying to turn the room for the next case in a quick manner is a must. If you are slow at turnaround, not only does your boss yell at you, your surgeon will not make your life easy. If you bust your butt then not only do your supervisors notice but surgeons will start requesting you personally.


6)  You make some awesome friends because, the operating room is it’s own universe. We may bicker amongst ourselves but let an outsider try and jack with one of us and we would stick together. There are no float nurses in this field because it is such a specialty. The benefit of that is you are with the same herd most of the time. It’s like a family, a dysfunctional family per say but, still a family.


7)  A guarantee you would do something different, every day. You never know what traumas will roll in. You never know what surgeon is going to throw a fit and you never know what new drama has arisen since last shift. The operating room is notorious for some good drama, hehee.


 The operating room is a fun place to be, I think it’s a pre-requisite that you be a little off your rocker to work in this environment, I obviously fit in just fine. One thing you better have is, a skin made of steel because; you will be yelled at on numerous occasions by different surgeons (most of them apologize after their sphincters relax). I always enjoyed yelling back, there’s just something that makes you feel good about standing your ground. Actually, we didn’t yell at each other all that much, only days that end in Y. Then we would go drink a beer an laugh (if we were not on call of course).

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  1. Sean says:

    I would have to agree.. but aren’t we all a lil’ off our rocker? Isn’t it a prerequisite to be a nurse? *snickering*

  2. Lol u make a great point Sean!! A great pre-req for nursing school is……crazy with a big heart :)


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