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Blogworld is upon us come this Wednesday and, I have found myself in quite a dilemma. First off, I’m going to be at a huge conference, to learn as much as I possibly can about something I really know nothing about. This means, I actually have to pay attention to what is being said. This would not be a problem other than the fact the conference is in Las Vegas and, I have a proclivity for partying like a rock star. Now you see my problem. Some people would just say, well that’s an easy fix, just don’t party and pay attention to your courses. To them I say IT’S LAS VEGAS!!! I actually think it might be illegal to be there and not partake in the festivities. I don’t want to be a law breaker because I take pride in being an upstanding citizen, after all nurses are great role models.

So here is my solution to the predicament at hand. I will be drunk as a skunk no doubt. I will attend all of the needed conferences. I will meet as many people as I can that can teach me what in the world I am doing. I will follow the rules listed below to alleviate my hangover. After all I have lots of practice in this field.

1. I will keep myself hydrated with as much water as possible prior to getting my drink on.

2. I will make sure I have a light meal before I start drinking. This will reduce the puking factor.

3. I will slam a 5 hour energy shot before I start drinking because they are loaded with b12 which affects hangover symptoms in a good way.

4. I will stick to the same type of liquor. You go mixing tequila with whiskey and gin you are going to have yourself an exorcist projectile puking scene on your hands.

5. I will substitute water, occasionally in between rounds. The headache the next morning is due to dehydration. Prevention is the key to drink with me.

6. As I prepare to pass out here’s what I do. I eat a very light snack, usually a couple of saltines.

7. Now that I have crackers in my belly I take 3 ibuprofen (it’s better to have something on your stomach with the med). Last but not least, I slam as much water as possible before the pass out.

So there’s my pre pass out routine. Now here is my post OMG I actually have to get up at seven AM advice.

1. a bottle of water before even getting out of bed

2. slam a 5 hour energy

3. lay there for 5 minutes awake and move slowly when getting out of the bed

4. get coffee pot going

5. head to shower, stand under hot water and hold onto shower wall until awake

6. get coffee

7. get dressed (avoid putting on your high heels until walking out the door)

8. place visine in eyes

9. get more coffee

10. do hair and makeup

11. find keys, put on high heels, grab cup of coffee to go and bring on the day!

So what do you guys do? Any advice here? One more thing that I think works better than all of the above. The good ol’ saying chew on the hair of the dog that bit you, holds so true. A bloody mary in the morning works like a charm if you don’t have to go to work. Unless you have a job where you can drink at 8 am I don’t recommend this tactic. All I know is that at blogworld I will be in Vegas, I will be partying like crazy and I will use the above listed rules and the bloody mary recoop!

DISCLAIMER: THIS IS BY NO MEANS, MEDICAL ADVICE OF ANY SORT! I’m just a nurse that is a good drinker! My momma didn’t raise no quitter. Hope to see you in Vegas.

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  1. Sean says:

    OK. You ladies are scerrrin’ me. I do hope in between the vodka you get some good bloggin’ info and networkin’.
    Not to say I’m not the LEAST bit jealous of your trip. No. Not at all.
    Have a great time!

  2. Lol Sean, I can’t wait to get some info and vodka hehee. It’s going to be a blast!!! Don’t be sceerrrred we r trained drinkng professionals ;) i’m REALLY looking forward to meeting some awesome people like I’ve met on Twitter!!

  3. Shelly says:

    Jen, you crack me up. You are and will always be the most entertaining, beautiful Mexican I know….LMAO

  4. Thank u my Shelly :) u should c me trying to pack, I kinda waited till last minute… Who me … Procrastinate lol

  5. River Girl says:

    Having attended the last 2 BlogWorlds, I would advise against the heels during the day – lots of walking and standing on concrete. Wait until the evening.

  6. I will take that advice!!! I have flip flops & tennis shoes that I shall sport with pride. thanks for the warning river girl :)

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