What had happened wuz….Blogworld 09!! Woot!!

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blogworld 2009Well, blogworld has ended and we all made it back to Texas in the same condition in which we departed. Actually, now that I think about it NOPE, we didn’t! @nursewendy came back a married woman, @lipodoc came back with a couple of new bruises due to her stair dive and I have a nice bump on my head (ironically from the same stairs that attacked @lipodoc). I think those stairs might be a LAVO conspiracy (the club at our hotel). Lots of fun was had, my liver is still shaking but, I am so glad to be home! I met so many wonderful people and, learned so many new things about the world of social media that I did not even know existed.

One of the main things that stood out to me from all of the different seminars I attended was stay true to yourself in your writing. Not only did I find this to be the most powerful message, I found it comforting as well. I am by no means a professional journalist or grammar expert. I am a nurse, a crazy one at that! Life is a blast, people are the most entertaining creatures and, laughing is my favorite thing to do. I am blessed, truly blessed with four crazy babies that, I must say are the most beautiful people on earth! A fiancé who takes great pride in his children, treating me like a princess and taking great care of his patients all while maintaining an unbelievable sense of wit, he is the king of the double entendre.

So, the fact that my writing reflects my outlook on life as a nurse may not be the most beautifully written piece doesn’t really matter. It’s just simply, what I feel and how I think. This may be scary to some. Let’s just hope not too many psychiatrist end up reading my posts, as I might be taken away! For those who actually met me at blogworld, I think they would agree with my above statements. I just am who I am. I got one of the biggest compliments at one of the afterpartys. A gentleman walked up to me and said, “You were that girl with your twitter name on your back @nursejennifer right?” I started laughing and said “Yes, I am that nerd.” He smiled and said “I remember you because every time I saw you, you were always smiling.” That was so nice to hear! That’s so much better than you are that girl who is always crying or always frowning, it would so suck to be “that girl”.

Thank you to all of the wonderful people that talked to me, who answered my thousands of questions. A super special thank you to all of the experienced bloggers who took the time to review my post and offer me wonderful advice, trust me, I was hanging on your every word. A big, kiss my ass to those who were rude… thank God there were not many. I have made some new friends, learned a ton and, am already totally stoked about blogworld 2010. Hope to see you there! (unless, you were one of the rude people, you should just stay at home or maybe attend a how not to be a dick convention). Thanks again for your help everyone, cant wait to see you next year!!

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  1. Sean says:

    Awesome. Simply awesome. Were you able to visit the medblogger track at all? Meet any fellow nurse bloggers? Other medical bloggers.
    I’m super jealous.
    So happy for all of you.

  2. yes met kim from Emergiblog…AWESOME!! Met Dr Wes…and lots of others. The expo was really cool, some booths had food samples so that is always a plus..lol. So, am I going to get to meet you in person next year at blogworld 2010?

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