Why BlogWorld scares the !*@ # out of me.

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I am a bit nervous about my upcoming Blogworld experience….

7. There is a flight involved in getting there. I am so very scared about flying…this will only be my 3rd trip in a plane…I just don’t believe it will ever seem ok to be that high up in the air…

6. It is in Las Vegas. There are so many wonderful things to do in Vegas, so many shopping opportunities, so many bright lights, so much to distract from the Blogworld experience….

5. There will be sooo many people there. I am not one to be comfortable in a packed room with hundreds of people. This will make me incredibly nervous and paranoid….are you looking at me?

4. These super smart people might try to talk to me. You may not believe this, but I am very shy around groups of strange people I do not know, especially really smart computer people that know so much more about the topics of Blogworld than I do.

3. I may be expected to know something about computer stuff… This is very scary to me. I know how to turn on a computer and get to the internet…anything else I need technical support team and a few hours to spend on the phone to get anywhere.

2. Just looked at the online schedule…sooo much information and it starts soooo early for Vegas. There is a lot of information to be covered at Blogworld….how will we get it all in?? And all the big computer words about marketing and such? I am going to be really lost…I see myself sitting in a conference room staring blankly at a pretty floral pattern on the far wall…..just over the speaker’s head…

1. Oh yeah, gotta get back on a plane to get home… Dang!!

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  1. Sean says:

    Be sure to share your experience and the knowledge you gain while there!

    • nursewendy says:

      Sean, I will definitely let everyone know what all I learn from my Blogworld experience! I just hope I will understand enough of it to repeat it intelligently ;) Of course I have to make it there and back first….

  2. Rick Calvert says:

    What you may not be aware of is that all of those smart people, are really really nice. You are going to feel right at home when you get there. I promise 8).

    • nursewendy says:

      Rick, are you by chance one of these really really nice smart people? ;)
      I am sure I will feel more at ease when it is time to come home, but I hope to come back with knowledge I can use here!

  3. don’t worry I will be sitting right beside you on the plane. I am going to buy you vodka drinks while in flight to settle your nerves. i will even drink with you becuase i am sooo sweet :)


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