I’ve had 3 colonoscopies. The insurance company was more painful.


I have now had two experiences with colonoscopies….I am only almost 32 but I have a very extensive family history of colon cancer and would like to stay healthy. My father died when he was 50, and he had a brother that died at 40 of colon cancer. His other brothers also had cancer and I believe a couple sisters that were diagnosed with different forms of cancer…I never knew this side of my family so I am not that well informed.

But I try to stay healthy by exercising, not smoking or drinking (too much) and eating….well a semi balanced diet. Colon cancer has always been a fear for me though. I had my first colonoscopy at 24 because of symptoms which I thought were concerning but it turned out normal. I remembered everything and could feel the scope inside of me. They said I fought terribly and was not a good patient. That experience was absolutely horrible though and I waited almost 8 more years to have another one done. This last one at 31 was much better. I remember nothing and everything turned out fine. I do wish there was a way to make the prep a bit more pleasant….

I was upset though that this time for my colonoscopy the insurance company didn’t want to pay for it because they do not pay for screening colonoscopies until the age of 50. I guess they would rather pay for colon surgery and chemo for me when I am 40 than a screening colonoscopy. My dad was dead at 50, and his brother had been for 10 years by that time…so I am thinking that 50 would probably be just a bit late for me….but the insurance companies do not care about such things. My doctor recommends I have another one in 3 years…and every 3 years…that is about 6 more by the time I am 50. Luckily I have a good job and can pay for procedures, but those that can’t like my father are just at the will of the insurance companies…

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  1. Sean says:

    It’s breath-takingly astonishing how debilitating insurance companies can be. Grr. So glad to hear how proactive you are about your health. A walking role-model I tell ya. You go gurl.

    • nursewendy says:

      Haha, well thanks Sean! I cant take all the credit though….it wasnt an easy decision to make that appointment which I knew would lead to such an….ummm…..well uncomfortable experience!

  2. FarAwayDeb says:

    Have you tried appealing it? They are definitely wrong, and I think you should fight them on it. You are lucky you can pay, but many people can’t.

    • nursewendy says:

      FarAwayDeb, sadly no I havent thought of appealing it. With school, kids, and a great new husband, I have been so very busy! I am fortunate and I know that. I do feel that more should be done for those that need preventative procedures, but just cant put forth the cost. Most of those with minimal incomes can not afford to do preventative care, they can only hope and pray that they will not develop any diseases that will debilitate them in the future. I think it is probably hard for them to see the benefit of this type of medicine and spend money that could be used to feed or house their families.

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