CRNA: Why it’s better than Cleaning Poop


I see many nurses choosing to become certified registered nurse anethetists.  Here’s a few reasons why:

7. MONEY- Yes it is sad to say, but the world does revolve around those grimy green bills. As a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) you will be making anywhere from $150,000 to possibly $175,000 or more depending on how much call you take and how many hours you work.

6. HOURS- As a CRNA there are many opportunities for you to pick when you want to work and if you are willing to take call or not. Some CRNAs work in freestanding surgery centers and are home by 4pm everyday…

5. PATIENTS- Yeah they are mostly all knocked out thanks to you! For those of you who had rather not have to carry on conversations with those you care for…here is the job for you!

4. EDUCATION- The length of a CRNA program ranges from 24-36 months. Most of the ones I am aware of are around 28 months. This is very little commitment for such a huge reward in the end.

3. PEOPLE LOVE YOU- Ok…maybe not that mean tattooed neighbor you have…but all your patients…especially the labor and delivery ones…they are going to love you! You are the one that takes the pain away and makes them comfortable.

2. RESPECT- As a CRNA you carry much of the responsibility for the patient’s safety during procedures. This is a very autonomous profession and allows you to work quite independently at times.

1. DID I MENTION NO MORE CLEANING POOP- Ok, this is a bit crude to say…but what nurse hasn’t thought about this before? It is a definite incentive to further your education.  I do not have any problem whatsoever doing the job I get paid to do…but I would be lying if I didn’t acknowledge the fact that it would be better to have less contact with poop and get paid more….I’m just sayin’

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  1. It’s certainly a somewhat recession proof field right now. Sites like show evidence that every state is still looking for qualified CRNAs (and willing to pay for them too). Hardly something that every industry can claim right now.

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