“My mom is a nurse, she can fix anything”

I got the biggest compliment of my life the other day. My little boy who is 10, was playing with his neighborhood friend who crashed his bike. In they come, neighbor kid with a bloody knee and a nice case of road rash. My little boy looked at his friend and smiled then said “My mom is a nurse, she can fix anything.”  I giggled, knowing good and well I wish I could fix anything. We got the injured knee all washed, cleaned and bandaged and out the door they flew only to take on the days challenges that were left.

My little boy was so sincere when he was talking to his friend. It really made me stop and think how wonderful children are and how they look up to us for so many things. It by no means had to do with the fact that I’m a nurse he feels that way, he also feels that way about his dad who is a laborer. It’s the fact that he looks up to us all for guidance and has every ounce of confidence we as parents and step parents can “fix anything”. His dad has taught him so many things, the man literally can fix anything.

Even though we are divorced we are fortunate to have put are children first. I’m by no means saying we haven’t had our knock down drag outs, but we did the best we could.   We are both now with other people so my crew of 2 kids turned into 4. His crew of 2 turned into 5. Our children are so lucky to have step parents that love them like their own. Now being the proud mom/step mom of four, the laundry load has certainly increased but, I love every minute of it!

I know this has nothing officially to do with being a nurse but, I just wanted to share with you the biggest compliment of my life. Sometimes it’s nice just to slow down, take a look around and truly appreciate what God has bestowed upon you.

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  1. lipodoc says:

    I have a friend who had the opposite experience. She is an Ob/Gyn, her husband is a surgeon. When her daughter fell and hurt her foot, the mom ran over to look at it. The sweet little one looked up at her and said, “mom, thanks, but I want a real doctor to take a look at it…” Sigh.

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