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I do not know if this is a practice in most hospitals, but where I work it is. Some patients are considered “very important people” when they come in to the hospital and this allows them to pretty much do as they please. There really are no rules for these patients or their families. You might say…but that is unfair…everyone should be treated the same…what makes them more important than grandma? Well, apparently money and influence go a long way. I personally do not agree with this practice. Administration rarely show face in the units….but when VIPs are present…look out cause they will be in your room all day. They are catered to and given special privileges when it is others that could use the help more. I noticed one of the administrative team took a VIP patient’s husband to lunch one day…and I was thinking… but that other young girl down the hall has been eating off extra trays because she doesn’t have any money to buy food. And I am not blaming these patients for receiving this treatment, most of the time it has nothing to do with them asking for it.

I know hospitals need money to run and these people have money and influence and are possibly contributors to the cause…but still it just isn’t right to treat one patient one way and another a different way just because of an income difference.

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  1. lipodoc says:

    At the private hospital where I did part of my surgical training, there were always a handful of ultra-VIPs from Saudi Arabia, South America and here in the states. They had their own penthouse floor on the hospital, and the nurses up there all carried beepers so they could be summoned at will. But the routine interruptions that occured on a regular patient floor simply didn’t happen on the VIP floor- you know, the routine vitals, the hanging of meds when they were supposed to be given, not when the patient wanted them, etc.
    Having seen it in person, I’ll say that in my opinion, none of those people ever did as well as the plebians on the normal floors. When you break your routine when taking care of patients, when you make exceptions to the rule, only bad things will happen.

  2. Steve says:

    I think healthcare is a lot like Orwell’s Animal Farm: Everybody is equal-some are just more equal than others.


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