What makes you happy?

My husband brought up an interesting point…(I know, what a crazy way to start this post!) Anyway, he was asking what will make us happy? When will we finally be happy? Well, I thought we were kind of happy already….but I got his meaning. We are both so busy trying to get to the next thing…whether that is school, work or something we want to buy. What will finally be enough? These are pretty tough questions. I thought about it a while and I think I don’t know what will eventually make me “happy.” I am still in school, working on my master’s degree. I will have my Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner’s license when I graduate in December, but I have already been thinking about what is next. I would like to be a Certified Nurse Midwife as well. This will mean more school and time commitments. Will I then be happy? Or will I want to get my doctorate? When can I stop and enjoy the life that my family is living around me? These questions really made me think.

I think that just because I still seek out challenges does not mean that I am ignoring what is happening around me. I want to give my children the best life I can….though this means that I am not always home when I would like to be. I hope that by going to school and having more autonomy in my profession that I will eventually be making my own schedule and can spend as much time with them as I want. I know children don’t always understand the sacrifices we make in hopes of a better future for them…all they know is that you are not there watching them when they look up at gymnastics practice as they finally get that flip just right…

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  1. Couldn’t agree with you more Wendy. Now that I’m in medical sales, I have to travel all the time. What kills me is that my litttle ones say “mommy why do you have to work so much?” my response was well you like your xbox & chuck e cheese right…then they laugh and they get it. Nothing makes me happier than to see them laugh, succeed and learn. They have thier goals set on UT, my step son heads that way this august. I am happy when I achieve goals I have set for myself. A constant strive to be a better mom, fiancé, friend, worker and Christian (even though I have a lot of vices..hehee). I’m happier than I have ever been but, I still want to push myself to be more succesful, stable & happier. Awesome post!! Keep up the hard work momma!!

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