Writing an effective intro for your nursing scholarship essay.

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womanwriting Essays are a very important part of the application process for most nursing scholarships. How you present yourself in your essay is the best way for the scholarship awards committee to form an opinion about you and your chance of winning the award.

It is helpful to first make an outline. This is mainly used just for your benefit. It helps you know ahead of time where you plan to take the essay. It is like a mapped out route for a road trip. It helps to know the destination so that your planned route will eventually get you there.

There are three parts to an essay, the introduction, body, and conclusion. I am going to discuss the writing of the first part of the essay, maybe the most important part, the introduction. Why do I say it is possibly the most important? The introduction is where you introduce the main topic of your essay and get the attention of the reader so that they want to continue reading. If you don’t grab their interest initially you may have lost them totally and they will not want to finish reading the inspiring things you have yet to tell them….

The introduction should be short. It is an introduction after all and the purpose of it is to get the reader to the most vital part of the essay, the body. It should be at least three sentences long, but no longer than six. It is important to present the purpose of the essay in the introduction, but it is not necessary to tell all your secrets at once. The point of the introduction is to make the reader (AKA person with free money to give you to go to school) want to actually read what more you have to say. It might be effective to open with an anecdote. An anecdote is a story that will provide the setting for your topic that illustrates a point. Be sure your anecdote is short, to the point, and relevant to your topic. After the anecdote, provide a few sentences about the main topic of your essay.

Put yourself in the mind of the reader. What is it you would want to see? What is your motivation? You need to match your topic to something they would be looking for. Also, the reader as many essays to review. Make sure yours is not placed in the circular file (i.e. the trash can) by making it personal and unique.

Next time, we will go over the meat of your essay, the body.

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  1. jin says:

    Thanks for the tips! I’m in the midst of applying to nursing school now.

  2. Nursejennifer says:

    Great! Let us know how we can help :)

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